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Järna Tvåleri AB

Handmade Soap / Morning dew

Handmade Soap / Morning dew

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Made in Järna, Sweden. 

120 g handmade organic soap, made from vegetable dyes, clays and salts with only essential oils as fragrance.  

A smooth and soothing cucumber soap that lathers beautifully. Contains cucumber puree and cucumber peel as well as green clay and has a mild fragrance of essential oils from spearmint, rosemary and fennel. Wonderful for both skin and hair. Because the soap contains green clay, the need for an acid rinse after washing the hair is reduced. This soap is hard and foaming and made with fats from rapeseed, coconut, shea and castor.

Vegan * Organic * Palm Oil Free * Natural * Fragrance Free * SLS Free

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